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Famagusta Technology Development Zone (GMTGB), TRNC. It is the first technology development zone established in the TRNC in accordance with the Technology Development Zones Law No. The founding partners of the region are Eastern Mediterranean University (70%), European University of Lefke (15%) and Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry (15%). The Technopark building belonging to the region was built at the entrance of the Famagusta Organized Industrial Zone next to the Eastern Mediterranean University campus, with the financial resources provided by the Turkish Republic Nicosia Embassy Aid Committee, with an investment of approximately 3 million dollars, and was put into service with a ceremony in November 2005.

The first studies on the establishment of a Technopark in the TRNC started with the establishment of a core Technology Development Center (EMU-TEKMER) at Eastern Mediterranean University in 1999, as a result of the initiatives of Ambassador Ertuğrul Apakan. This center is T.C. With the financial support provided by the Nicosia Embassy, it supported 8 technological projects of 8 faculty members at EMU, worth a total of 80 thousand USD, which could be turned into products, and various products and international publications came out of these projects. Then, starting from 2003, the participation of all five universities established in the TRNC and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry and the participation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. With the support of the Nicosia Embassy, a Founding Committee was formed for the establishment of a Technopark. It was adopted by the Assembly of the Republic at the beginning of 2005 and became a law. At this stage, the Near East, International Cyprus and Girne American Universities left the Founding Committee for various reasons.

Management Structure

Famagusta Technology Zone is managed by a non-profit Managing Company established by the partners in January 2006, in accordance with the Law No. 2/2005. Eastern Mediterranean University has 70% shares, European University of Lefke and Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry each have 15% shares in the Managing Company. However, these institutions have not yet paid their capital shares. EMU is represented by four members, the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry is represented by two members and the European University of Lefke is represented by one member in the company's Board of Directors for the period 2006-2008. However, at least five members' affirmative votes are required for any decision to be taken. The General Assembly of the Company, which meets once a year, includes the members of the Board of Directors, the rectors of the partner universities and the president of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry.

The Eastern Mediterranean University Rector, who is the biggest partner in the General Assembly, cannot obtain the majority on a discussed issue alone and needs the support of another partner or at least two members of the Board of Directors.

The Managing Company is responsible for establishing the necessary infrastructure and superstructure in the region, carrying out all kinds of services required for the region, evaluating the requests of institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs that want to take place in the region and allocating space to those found suitable, employment of R&D personnel to be employed in the region, complying with the legislation in force in the region. and its management and operation in accordance with its purpose, and to prevent the contrary behavior of Producer Companies, entrepreneurs and third parties.

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