Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To support the development of products and production technologies of small and medium-sized enterprises in the TRNC, to bring together the researches and developed technologies in universities with innovative entrepreneurs, to provide the necessary infrastructure for the sprouting of new products and technologies, to ensure that domestic and foreign enterprises benefit from the scientific and technical knowledge in universities in the best way, and to help the technologies developed in the region find suitable buyers in the world market.

Our Vision

Making significant contributions to the regional economy in line with the principles of sustainable development, TRNC. To provide quality job opportunities to young staff who graduated from universities and to be a technology region where pioneering technologies are created on a global scale.

Contact Us

Address: Eastern Mediterranean University Campus, Famagusta / TRNC

Phone: +90 (392) 630 38 05

Whatsapp: +90 (533) 863 61 85

Email: [email protected]