Bishy Payment Systems Trading. Ltd.

Professional Skills: Payment Systems Name & Surname: Osman Sadık Doğan Phone: +90 533 822 80 66 Address: Şht. Yusuf Uluğ Sok. Osmanoğlu Apt. No:9 Email: [email protected] Website: Social Media:

Bishy Payment System is a new generation mobile wallet that enables remote and contactless payment via bishy app with stable fixed bishy electronic money for 1 TL.

Contracted stores were also launched with the aim of increasing the purchasing power of their members by giving 10% Cashback to their users.

Users can transfer free bishy among themselves and exchange their existing bishy as physical money back to their bank free of charge.

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Address: Eastern Mediterranean University Campus, Famagusta / TRNC

Phone: +90 (392) 630 38 05

Whatsapp: +90 (533) 863 61 85

Email: [email protected]